Jubilee Year of Mercy and Pilgrimage

Jubilee Year of Mercy

     Once every 25 years, the Pope proclaims a holy year. During a holy year, the faithful celebrate a particular quality of God through pilgrimages, strong calls of repentance and conversion, and celebrations. This Jubilee Year of Mercy allows the people of God to experience a unique encounter with God’s mercy through the sacraments, especially confession. The Jubilee Year of Mercy is a worldwide celebration.

Vatican Jubilee Year of Mercy:


Diocese of Peoria Jubilee Year of Mercy:

Year of Mercy

Locally, you can experience God’s mercy through the Sacraments at these Churches:



Mercy flourishes in fraternity. As a team of young adults, CONNECT ministry worked and prayed together to make this event possible. CONNECT ministry seeks “To serve God and carry His mission out to the world by connecting young adults with Jesus Christ, His Church, each other, our parishes, and our communities.”




A pilgrimage is a journey with a spiritual destination as its purpose. Traditionally, a pilgrimage leads the sojourner to a deepening of relationship with God. Our spiritual destination is to experience and express the mercy of God. Our experiences of God’s mercy will motivate us to express God’s mercy in thought, word, and deed.


Our Destination

Experience the Mercy of God and take it home by the following actions:

Feed the Hungry                                                  Counsel the Doubtful

Give Drink to the Thirsty                                  Instruct the Ignorant

Shelter the Homeless                                        Admonish the Sinner

    Visit the Sick                                                         Comfort the Sorrowful

Visit Prisoners                                                     Forgive Injuries

Bury the Dead                                                      Bear Wrongs Patiently

Give Alms to the Poor                                     Pray for the Living and the Dead